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8 Mobile

Recycle Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910 @ £120

  • March 8, 2017
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8 Mobile

Nokia Mobile Phones @ Just £2

  • March 8, 2017
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8 Mobile

Replace Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini i9195 @ £16

  • March 8, 2017
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8 Mobile


Safeguarding the nature has never been a relaxed affair. Thank God we have 8Mobile that lets us contribute towards safe keeping nature at an individual level. 8Mobile is an international mobile recycling company that enables you to recycle your old and unused mobile phone handsets in exchange for money. Recycling old phones could never have been more straightforward, especially when you can do it in no time and get money back in return.

8mobile runs on a mission to help the environment and people at the same time. It helps reprocess the old and unused mobile phones no matter how ancient they are in nature friendly manner. 8mobile is also WEEE authorised by the environment agency that supports well in its authenticity.

8Mobile lets you earn money for mobile phones that are catching dust at your home in a hassle-free manner. All you need to do is tell them about your handset, and they will get back to you with its price evaluation. The company has already paid up to £200 for handsets. 8mobile thus lays the foundation stone towards the idea of sustainable development in the environment. It could be your chance to earn and be earth's superhero at the same time. At DealVoucherz you can check the latest offerings for different recyclable mobile phones from 8Mobiles.

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  • Apple phones:
  • Apple lovers are the first ones to upgrade when new models roll out in the market. Undeniably this happens every year. It leads to a massive pile of phones that are left away because of the upgrade. 8Mobile accepts all models of Apple phones and helps in recycling it. This initiative is not just saving the environment but also helping you dispose of your Apple phones that are not in use in an appropriate manner. 8mobile offers a wide range of prices for Apple models, with as high as £280 for iPhone 7 Plus. The 8mobile tool on the website of the company immediately lets you know the amount that you will receive for your phone.

  • Samsung phones:
  • Samsung is one of the world's leading brands concerning mobile phones. Just like Apple, Samsung has newest models to offer its customers now and then. And the precision that Samsung swears regarding design and innovation in mobile phones draws its customers to evolve with new and cut edge models. Upgrading to latest mobile technology leaves people with a lot of available and barely used devices at home. 8Mobile just lets the user enter the IMEI number of the mobile handsets that they possess and know the amount that you will receive in exchange for recycling the handset.

  • Nokia phones:
  • Nokia is one of the world's oldest and most reliable mobile phone manufacturers that have its origin in the country of Finland. Nokia mobile phones are quite popular among people because of their intense nature and stable body design. However, with rapid change in mobile phone technology, many people have switched to other brands and devices for their smart needs. 8Mobile comes to the rescue in time of these as you can cash out of your old Nokia phones instead of dumping them in waste.

  • Blackberry phones:
  • 8Mobile also accepts the old and unused Blackberry phones. Blackberry is a Canadian company that flourished with its Qwerty keypad phones. Not only this but its messenger was a great craze at a time and continues to connect people worldwide. You can recycle your old Blackberry mobile phones with 8Mobile and get the money straight away to your bank accounts. With easy price evaluation, the deals with 8Mobile are irresistible. So, instead of trashing your not-in-use phones, you can make cash out of it and take a step towards sustainable development in the society.

Top deals at 8 Mobile

  1. 8Mobile runs many deals and competitions for the customers. You can easily participate and win fabulous prizes along with enticing goodies.

  2. Get £70 for recycling your Apple iPhone 6, 64GB variant. You can quickly put the IMEI number of your phone on the 8Mobile tool and know the price. Dial *#06# from your mobile and know the IMEI number.

  3. Get £180 in cash for your Apple iPhone6S 64GB. Grab this excellent offer before the time runs out.

  4. Now you can get £121 for your Apple iPhone 6S Plus 128 GB. Help 8Mobile recycle your Apple phone and receive the amount as cash in return.

  5. Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 N910 somewhere in your cupboard? It's time to get £50 for recycling it with 8Mobile.

  6. Bored of your Apple iPhone7 64GB handset? Now can you give it for recycling and save the environment. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the £230 in return for it.

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