Beaches are some of the greatest and among the most enjoyable natural gifts which our mother earth has offered to us. With its sapphire colored waters, bright blue skies, and serene atmosphere, a beach is among the most popular places to visit when the summer season is right around the corner. Almost everyone loves going to a beach and having a nice time. It is a perfect place to relax and have a nice enjoyable time with friends and families. Some people pay enormous amounts of money just to buy a house which is nearby a beach. Having a beach house is a luxury which not many people can afford. Whenever the vacation period hits, families which are eager to spend some quality time does not waste any opportunity to go on such holiday trips. Beaches are also used as an escape route by those people who are looking for some much-needed relief and break from their excessive work life.

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Apart from receiving some of the simplest pleasures of nature, beaches are also helpful in giving numerous positive effects on both fronts, i.e. physically and psychologically. Such natural environments have healing benefits on the people. Such places help in giving a relief from work activities, reducing stress, as well as by improving our well-being.
The bottom-line is – People like spending a day at the beach. But when everyone gathers around at such places, it results into jam-packed crowds, and thus, it takes away the main essence of spending a day under the sun. There are many popular beaches across the country where people visit in large numbers almost every day. But to get away from such crowds and tackiness, there are still many beautiful and hidden-away beaches all over the UK where we can enjoy a day or two with the beauty of nature.
Some of the best hidden-away and lesser known beaches in and around UK are as follows:
1. Kynance Cove, Cornwall:
Kynance Cove beach is located on the southern coast of Cornwall, which is two miles northwest of Lizard Point. Due to its lack of popularity, many people have not yet witnessed its bright turquoise tones of its sea on a sunny day. It has a remarkable contrast between the white sand beach covered with outcrops, caves, and arches which account for enough reasons to visit this beach at least once.

2. Steephill Cove, Isle of Wight:
The Steephill Cove beach is situated just below Ventnor, which is on the southern coast of the Isle of Wight. With no road access, this place is really hidden. It is one of those rare beaches where there are no outside disturbances like road noises and irritating crowds. In fact, this beach, with its beautiful and colorful bay gives a slight Mediterranean feeling. It is a perfect mix of sand and shingle. Even though this beach may not have any tropically imitating factor, it has its own charm which can be realized with just one visit.

3. Runswick Bay, Yorkshire:
The Runswick Bay is located just nine miles north of Whitby. It is a five-hour drive from Central London. This beautiful hidden beach consists of some 90 cute honey-coloured cottages capped with red tiles. The beach also has rock pools, picturesque staircases, and majestic fossils which date back to 180 million years.

4. White Park Bay, Northern Ireland:
The White Park Bay is on the northern coastline of County Antrim. In an otherwise rocky Giant’s Causeway, this beach happens to be the only World Heritage Site in the Northern part of Ireland.Even on the scorching days of summer, this beach keeps the crowds away due to its nested location.

5. West Wittering, Sussex
The West Wittering is located exactly halfway between Portsmouth and Bognor Regis. This beach is backed by some 20-acre expanse of grasses and wetlands filled with nothing but butterflies and birds. For exploration purposes, this beach makes for an excellent location because of its sand dune spit of the East Head and its shallow pools.

6. Winterton Beach, Norfolk:
Located only nine miles north of the Great Yarmouth, this beach consists of some of the best-kept secrets of Norfolk. Its dunes and grasses are a home to all manner of wildlife.

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