Dehydration is not a trivial health issue which can be just dismissed off with a simple glass of water. It is a serious matter which should be dealt with proper remedial measures by everyone. When a body loses too much water and thus causing dehydration, it prevents the body to perform its normal functions. There are numerous reasons in which a person can run out of liquids from their body. That is why it is extremely critical in always carrying water and essential foodstuffs while traveling.

From infants and teenagers to senior citizens, from physically gifted athletes to couch potatoes, everyone is prone to dehydration. But even though its consequences are severe if gotten out of control, it is something which can be tackled upon with proper nourishment and liquid intake from time to time. Conventionally, regular consumption of water, sports drink and other forms of liquids are considered to be the best way for rehydrating our body. But apart from liquid absorption, there are certain fruits, vegetables and other eatables too which can help to replenish the electrolytes of a human body.

Here are some of the fruits with their detailed benefits which are more useful to a person for rehydrating than a glass of water:

Watermelon – The name itself says it all. Its water content is one of the highest among all foodstuffs. With 92% of water to be exact, a refreshing treat of watermelon is worth more than a glass of water, and it quickly helps you to stay hydrated even after just completing a tiring and rigorous activity. It contains sufficient Lycopene and Vitamin C which also contributes to maintaining the eyesight.

Juicy Watermelon

Cantaloupe – Nutrients like potassium are extremely vital for hydration, especially for athletes and for those people who work up till they sweat. Cantaloupe is one such fruit which has richness in potassium. Not only this fruit is filled with 90% water, but it is extremely beneficial for maintaining muscles and bone strength.

Strawberries – Just like watermelon, a strawberry is another fruit which is comprised of 92% water. Apart from its high water content which can satisfy a person’s thirst, they also contain plenty of folate and antioxidants which primarily helps to maintain a low-blood sugar.

strawberry water content

Oranges – Oranges makes the perfect after-workout fruit snack. It’s 87% of water content along with more than 100% of the daily suggested value for vitamin C, oranges makes one of the best choices for restoring the fluid levels of a human body. Its richness in potassium also helps the body to function properly as it contributes to reducing the blood pressure by balancing out the negative effects of salt.

Raspberries – Packed with fiber, this delicious and mouth-watering super fruit consists of 87% water. It can be used for lowering the blood-sugar levels and also for digestion purposes. Its richness in liquid content enables the athletes and laborious working people to stay hydrated in their times of need. Since raspberries are small, they are easy to carry along with especially in small boxes while traveling.

Peaches – With an estimated 88% of water content, peaches make an excellent substitute for water to beat dehydration. They are juicy, and they taste great, and at the same time, they do not contain any saturated fats and are low in calories.

Apples– Never forget the age old generic saying “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” With 84% of water content, an apple is a nutritional powerhouse of many vital nutrients. Because it is a fruit for all seasons, regular consumption of apples helps significantly in dealing with dehydration, and it stands firm to its promise of “keeping the doctor away,” at least for hydrating problems that are.

Other fruits with high water content include fruits like grapefruit (91%), pineapple and cranberries (87% each) and apricots with 86%. Such fruits are the proof that water and other liquid products are not the only way to keep a body hydrated.

Either raw or through juices, always aim to consume such water-rich fruits to provide your body with all the necessary fluids on a daily basis.

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