Shopping for kids can be a tricky and tedious business. Hence, it is essential to follow a few tips for quick and efficient shopping. Needs and wants are two very separate things and to prioritize them within a budget becomes a task while shopping. The list should be made considering the requirements to satiate the shopping needs and purposes.

To buy or not to buy becomes the question when the indecision creeps in. That’s when we know we should start weighing pros and cons of the items. Asking a few questions while shopping for your kid would be extremely useful and will help you prioritize.

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The following questions will be a blessing and will lessen your stress while shopping:

#Question 1: Does your child have the other items to coordinate with the thing that you are fascinated with?

You might want to pick the cute little panda beanie and put it right in your shopping bag, but a quick wardrobe recap would help you realize that your child doesn’t need it because nothing matches with it! Also, this epiphany can save you a few bucks and help you prioritize!

#Question 2: Does your kid have an occasion to go to, to wear that particular item?

A cute little cowboy costume might seem attractive and sturdy for your son but where can he wear it? Maybe a costume party or Halloween to go trick-or-treating but not otherwise. As a parent, you need to keep in mind the occasion to dress your kid up. You don’t want to show up to a birthday party with your kid dressed in quirky costumes.

#Question 3: Is it comfortable for a playground and to get through the day?

When you see a gorgeous fluffy frock at the mall, don’t go with your impulses and stock it in. Keep the comfort of the child in mind as she’s is going to be playing in the mud all the time. Do not forget to consider the material of the clothes as materials such as polyester or any scrappy material makes them itchy.


#Question 4: What’s the season?

Summers call for light cotton purchases on the other hand thick sweaters and trendy little jackets make your children look smart and cute. Fluffy socks are a perfect purchase for winter and flip-flop slippers for summer. If you wish to be economical shop the winter clothes in summer and vice versa!

#Question 5: Do I need a quick wardrobe recap?

It is good to assess your child’s wardrobe to list down the things needed and push them up the list. Follow it or not, needs always beat the wants! Does your kid need the mermaid blanket or a pair of shorts? Assess, prioritize and decide! That’s the mantra!

#Question 6: Will your child grow out of it by next season?

Purchase something that they can wear anywhere and everywhere. Do not buy something exorbitant when you know they will anyway quickly grow out of it. Those UGGs maybe cute right now but they are not going to be wearing it six to eight months from now.

#Question 7: Can your child put the item without assistance?

If you purchase a nettop or a fluffy princess dress, it gets difficult for the child to wear it herself. They will not be able to wear those lacy sandals all by themselves. The hectic routine will not give you all the time to dress your child up from top to bottom.

#Question 8: Will your child like it?

Your child has developed his/her preferences and is influenced by the peers at school. It is therefore essential to ask the child before buying an item for them.

These are the things to assess for cost-effective and a useful wardrobe.

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