The English language defines the word Accessory as “a thing which can be added to something else to make it more useful, versatile, or attractive.” Accessories work as accompaniments to enliven something, make it look more beautiful as it does for a woman, so it does for a house. Everyone desires to have the perfect home, but the bank account has its vested interests as we all know. However, a little street-smart can work wonders, the following couple of pointers will hopefully nudge you in that direction, and you wouldn’t have to mull over that very-beautiful-but-oh-very-expensive curtain set whose market value has been ruined for you by its brand company and capitalism.
Do it Thyself
A lot of home decor items can be remade using the necessary raw materials by breaking down the requirements and budget; one can even add a personal brand touch to it in the process. Being frugal is a talent, mostly because you have to employ more of your mental faculties as compared to a Don’t-do-it-Thyself person. The present technocratic world’s ace facility is the internet, and various online platforms offer information on DIY house decor. Pinterest is one place which is a hub for DIY tutorials wherein you can find anything from remodelling your bedroom to getting that perfect photo frame. Young House Love is a fantastic project which lets you do things yourself the smart way and guess what they also have a podcast!
Devil is in the Detail


Well, this might be true if you are not so passionate about having that perfect home. Attention to detail plays an important role in giving your house the desired look. The way a dinner table is set, crockery, placement and design of the furniture, the location of the items of decor which you haggled for tooth and nail, colours and paints used, curtain prints and a thousand other things. Youtube channels such as DIGS Channel can help you make quirky decor items like a tapestry pillow, yes you read it right. West elm, another channel will help you with placement and setting among other things. Laguna Beach Lover is another quirky channel which one can check out. Apartment Therapy is a fantastic channel with will get your creative juices flowing.
Go to Mother Nature
Eco-friendly is the current trend, and hopefully, it becomes permanent considering the current environmental status. Recycle and Reuse is the need of the hour, both because financial limitations and to do our bit to ease the stress on the environment. You would be surprised to find out how plants like Hemp can be used as a building material. Hemp Technologies found by Greg Flavall and David Madera, Tradical Hemcrete developed by UK based Lhoist group, sells Hemp board which can be used to make environmental furniture, countertops, walls and shelving et cetera. Pamela Bosch, 63, an artist and environmental activist rebuilt her Bellingham, Washington home using hemp. She says “hemp has the potential to be the perfect building material: cheap, well-insulated, mould free and pest resistant. Most importantly, the material’s ability to trap heat in the winter, and keep the house cool in the summer, means it has an exceptional potential to save energy.” You can also follow Tiny House, Giant Journey, a YouTube channel which provides information on other hacks you can use, like the use of solar panels for electricity among other things.


Go to them expensive designer stores
Yes! What if we cannot buy their products, we can get ideas from them, and they come free of cost. You can visit these stores and gather ideas for a particular item you wish to make yourself, combining these myriad ideas may just result in something unique. Walking along the same lines, you can also check out various TV shows, YouTube channels which may be out of our league but provide a plethora of ideas. Some such shows would include Home by Novogratz, Secrets From a Stylist, Homewreckers, Design on a Dime. Dwell magazine, and its YouTube channel alike offer a lot of ideas. Also, if you have an interior decorator friend, you might want to take them out for tea because they can get you 10%-50% discount on furniture, home decor items and what not.

Work out the budget beforehand
The budget comes before all these other things can be worked upon. You need to sit down with a paper pad and pen, categorise different areas of renovation, items required, the budget for each item, raw materials required and possible leads on places where you can find all this. Have a vision for how do you want your house to look otherwise a poorly planned renovation attempt might end up costing you way too much.
Wall paint and lights
These two aspects play a crucial role in giving your house that perfect look. The way that hanging light compliments the colour of the wall just might be the difference in acquiring that ideal aesthetic, mood and feel for your house. Invest time in selecting the perfect colour palette for your home before you do in buying paints, simultaneously keeping in mind what sort of light would go where colour and shape of the light and direction.
Travelling for house decor may seem a bit extravagant, but if you already are an avid traveller, then this is for you. Different villages, cities, countries have their own culture and history which naturally sinks into every aspect of their life including how their house is decorated, items of home decor used. A trip to their local market, their home decor stores will offer you something completely different. Imagine your house having an assortment of complementing home decor items from various lands, the world residing in your very own house! And mate, we always haggle when we travel!

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