No matter if it’s a Monday or a Sunday, we don’t step out without the lip shades on. Lipsticks are absolute loves not tinting our lips and giving them a rosy touch but also making us embrace ourselves and fall in love with the mirror time and again.
The lipsticks shades have evolved so much through time that we have a set of new shades every season which is all set to bring in glamour to our looks. As the fall approaches with all its style fiesta and stories on- here are a few lipstick shades saving your days and make you your own sassy, glamorous, fabulous self!

lipstick red shade

1. Dual tone rose
This is the most minimal yet the best of rose tints to highly your lips with. Available in very few brands like Givenchy, Lakme and even MAC – the shade is perfect for a day makeup, an office routine or even a coffee date. This shade compliments the light and breezy feel while highlighting your lips with a rosy pink touch.

2. Rosey Nude
Expect a lot of nude lipsticks this season – as the trend rules today! With a range of nude lipsticks making rounds in the market, our list too has almost a few varieties of nudes to complement your look with. A rose touch nude comes as an essential and the first one to try out if you have just started experimenting with the nude lipsticks. Pick one at a low price, and you will find that they indeed are worth investing in.

3. Chocolate Brown
Matt chocolate brown lipstick is one shade which qualifies as a must-have this season. Bringing in the perfect grunge look and adoring every skin tone, the lipstick makes you look fairer, classic and influential at the same time. A single quote for the office goers while a full-on application for an evening plan!

4. Orange-red
No list can be complete without a necessary tint of orange to bring to your wardrobe. This season pick up an orange which has hints of red undertones to give your lips a much fuller and merrier look. Pick up from NYX, MAC or NARS for they have excellent pigmentation and shades which suit perfectly to most of the skin shades.

5. Red-Brown
To get edgy with your look, and celebrate the beauty you behold it is vital to pick up shades which embrace your best features and highlight them correctly. The red-brown shade is one such wonder that highlights your lips, brings power to your features and also makes a bold statement. Shopping, partying or even lounging with your besties – this lipstick goes well with most blacks, browns and even blues to pair with.

dark red shade

6. Cherry Chic
A somewhat subtle lipstick for you to bring in a classic touch which celebrates your lip shades a lot. This tone is a subtle hint of cherry and a lot more like brownish cocoa is a perfect one for an everyday look. You can opt for a cocoa nude cherry shade which accentuates your lip’s raw texture or go with the one which has cherry undertones – the shade compliments most skin types.

7. Red
There is no red, redder than red itself! While red has been accompanied by a lot of oranges, cherry, maroon or even brown undertones – it is always need to have a perfect red for your lips at all times. Pick up the red which is the classic red for you. Red lipstick is a must-have no matter which year, which season or which era it is!

8. Brown nude
A brown nude is a must in your vanity this season. There are collections of brown nudes available in NYX, Urban Decay and even with drugstore brands and therefore choosing the one which suits your skin isn’t a difficult job. Make sure that the lips make the perfect highlight to your skin while giving your smile a beautiful matte touch.

9. Midnight blue and black
The fall season is all about going bold with your makeup. Spice up your look with hints of the trendiest colour this season – the midnight blue, dark greys and black. They make for a perfect grunge and vintage look while accentuating your make up with highlights that makes people turn around. The colours are statement bold with an exquisite finish to give you a defined look!

10. Fuchsia
We can’t exit without slipping in a fuchsia into the vanity so deal with the days when wearing makeup is a terrible thing to do. Just dab in a little of fuchsia pink on the lips and smear some kohl to get going. A fuchsia lipstick is for a lifetime.
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