Just Another Diet or A Lifestyle Choice – Choice is Yours!!



Must have heard a lot about weight loss fads, crash diets, so on, and so forth. Right? Yes. Me too! And also must have heard and experienced the failures that these diets prove to be once routine starts. My dietician always advises me to indulge in things that have a scope of becoming routine. Crash diets may help you for those few days but would they work for you for life? So what is it that makes the diet work for a lifetime?

Check out the 3 fundamental tips to make your diet foundation stronger:

1)Cook for yourself: For this first you need to find time. You know better about the choices you make, the ingredients that your food comprises and the number of meals you take in a day. Research suggests cooking connects you with self. So you stay in touch with your health goals, plus you get to learn new dishes. Diet



2) Listen to your gut: Know your stomach well. Understand the hunger pangs and ensure you feed it at regular intervals. Your gut is going to help you to sustain energy levels, pressure, brain balance etc. So make sure you don’t let it suffer.

3) Eat what you like: I don’t actually mean eat whatever you like! Find an alternate healthy option to eat. For example. If your tongue savors tangy flavors, tease your taste buds with a salad drenched in lemon juice and chili flakes. Opt for spiced oats, muesli and cookies which have honey instead of sugar. Join classes for  dance, kickboxing, taekwondo – anything else that excites you. Try out new activities that you find interesting. Find out time for yourself for these activities and stay healthy and fit.

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