If you are planning to explore a rainforest, be ready to witness one of the most exquisite experiences of your life.  It will not only strengthen your bond with nature but will also allow you to feed your eyes on the beauty of it. But travelling to rainforest requires proper knowledge, strategy and tools. Or else, it will be tough for you to enjoy the trip as you can come across numerous problems. Thus, take a look at the checklist of the items that you must carry when you are on a rainforest trip.


  • Hand Fan:

    Well, you must be surprised to see this item on the list. But trust us; you are going to need this item on your rainforest trip. In fact, you can consider this item to be one of the most significant items on the list. The main reason behind keeping a hand fan in the list is to get rid of the mosquitos. Forget wild animals; mosquitos will make your life hell. Even the mosquito repellants will be of no use. With a hand fan on your side, you can keep mosquitoes away from your eyes and neck at least.

  • Mosquito Repellant:

    Yes, we have already discussed that mosquito replants are not enough to stay away from those wild mosquitos. But they can give you minimal protection to some extent. Try to carry biodegradable lotions instead of spray. This will not only help you to protect your mother nature but will also give you more control towards the things that you are covering. To be more precise, the spray will be only adequate to your body, but you can apply the lotion to your surroundings as well. And by ‘surrounding’, we meant the floor, the trees as well as your furniture.

  • Pants:

    Mostly, rainforests have hot temperatures. You may feel that wearing shorts will be the best option for you. But the truth is a bit different. Instead of wearing shorts, we would suggest you wear field pants that are light in weight. Well, the temperature is not the only issue with the rainforest. It also consists of countless creepy crawlers as well as splashy muds. So, to get the protection from these glitches, you must wear a light-weight field pant.

  • Long Socks:

    Rainforest is not the place to wear fancy socks. This is the place where you must wear your socks for the sake of protection. If you want to protect your ankle from the nibbling of the poisonous insects, you have to opt for long socks. Your socks must be long enough so that you can pull it up over your pants cuff. It will protect you from the nibbling of the insects to your ankles. You can also opt for leach socks, as they will also provide you with some essential protections from the leeches to gorge on your blood.

  • A Poncho:

    Now, before setting off for a rain forest tour, you have to make up your mind that you have to face the rain. And to protect you from the chaos of the shower, nothing can come as handy as a poncho. The best part about a poncho is that it will stay with you for a long time and can assist you in numerous future rainforest trips. They will repel the waters from downpour excellently and are large enough to protect your camera as well. But, one thing you have to keep in mind before buying a poncho is that you may have to suffer a bit of difficulty in breathing.

  • A Pencil:

    In case if you want to write down your experiences on the way, you can carry a pencil with you. But why not a pen? Well, the constant rain in the rainforest will smear your ink and can destroy all your writing. There are numerous things that you can take note of like the beautiful and exciting flora and fauna of the rain forest and countless other things.

  • A Trail Mix:

    You are bound to get hungry when you are on a journey. And a trail mix can save you during those times. But make sure that your trail mix doesn’t consist of chocolates. Or else, the humid weather will melt it, and it may induce some unwanted attractions from the wild animals.

So, these are some of the fundamental items that you must carry while you are travelling in a rainforest. These items will not only protect you but will also make your journey smooth.

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