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After several years of manning the Nexus line of devices to showcase the latest and greatest in Android, this year, Google decided to shake things up. Instead of partnering up with an OEM to manufacture a device, Google went ahead and decided to manufacture one all by themselves this year. This is how in short, the Pixel line of devices came into existence with the Pixel and Pixel XL, the first, Made by Google smartphones. This flagship offering by Google seems to be committed to giving a user friendly yet remarkable smart phone experience and if it manages to trump the longevity card, chances are that the iPhone 7 would have to confront a serious contender for its business. A successor to Nexus 5X and 6P, the Google Pixel has successfully integrated the trademark Google experience in the hardware while adding a touch of the new with the exclusive friendlier and more helpful Google Assistant.

The cost price for Google Pixel in the US is $650 with the option to upgrade to the Google Pixel XL model if you are willing to pay an approximate amount of $220 more for increasing the internal memory of your phone to 128GB from the 32GB in the original model. Here are the pros and cons:



  •  A stunning 8MP front facing camera and 12MP rear facing with 1.4 micron pixels which ensures that you capture good selfies even in low light. Much like Antutu for synthetic performance, Dxomark is the go-to place if you would like to know how good a camera is, and the Dxomark rating for the Google Pixel is something which is going to turn a lot of heads. Dxomark rates the camera and sensors on the Google Pixel to be the highest to date which is on point with the level of detail and brilliantly saturated photos it takes.
  • An elegant and simple metal and glass uni-body design with chamfered edges which is perfect for every mood whether you are in a business meeting or just partying with your friends.
  • The Google Assistant is perhaps the biggest highlight of this device. Sundar Pichai during the launch event spoke a lot about it and after using it, we can say that it truly is something wondrous. Much like the “Ok Google” system we’ve had in place, the Google Assistant works similarly but no a much more conversant and personal level all thanks for the natural language engine and AI baked into it.
  • Google Pixel is the first android device which ships 7.1 Android Nougat, which in itself is a game changer. It has numerous improvements from the previous major version i.e. 6.0 Marshmallow. Android 7.1 features not only the Google Assistant, but also, a newly designed settings menu with an inbuilt data saver option but also other functional things like split screen, night mode and more including an improved doze mode for better battery life.
  • The inbuilt storage memory of 32 GB to 128 GB guarantees that you quite literally never run out of space on your device. Also, every Pixel comes with unlimited High Quality storage on Google Photos for all your Photos and Videos and so basically you have all that space for your music and apps which is quite difficult to exhaust even with the 32 GB variant.
  • The non-removable 2770 mAh battery sees to it that you can use it for hours on end all thanks to the improved doze mode as well as other battery improvements. Also, if you happen to run out of juice, the device supports Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 ensuring you can charge from 0-100% within 75 mins.


  • For a first device, Google has surely priced it quite high. The price for the base variant is as high as the iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 series which in all are much better options both in terms of Performance as well as brand value. Since it is the first ever Made by Google phone ordinary consumers will in general be obliviously more swayed by the likes of a brand they know and can trust such as Apple or Samsung unlike that of Google who they’ve so far known as a search engine/software company.
  • For a phone priced as high as the S7 Edge and the iPhone 7, you’d expect that without a doubt, the phone would come with water and dust resistant Nano coating which even the Motorola’s priced 1/7th of this price do. Sadly, Google has let us down in this regard with a mere IP53 Ingress protection meaning anything more than perspiration, the phone is going to be able to tolerate it.
  • The last crib regarding this device is a little bit of nit-picking to be precise. Android phones are known for their versatile form factors and device plethora of options which is where, the Pixel fails to shine. It’s a phone basically designed for first world markets and noting more. There’s no dual sim support or micro sd expansion which Sundar Pichai himself once acknowledged the need for a few years back which we really wish the Pixel had. There’s no IR blaster, there’s no front facing speakers and there not even dual lenses like that of the iPhone 7 Plus. We wish that the Pixel had something more, something out of the ordinary to justify the price for which it is selling at and perhaps, in the future, Google will add these and make the Pixel line a worthy competitor in the vastly populated Android devices segment.
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