When people invite you to their housewarming party, it is good etiquette to gift them something that would add to the new home and make it look better. It can be something useful for the inmates, kitchen item, furniture, showpiece, home décor item or gardening item that brings happiness and positive vibes in the new home. Impress your hosts with these unique and timeless housewarming gift ideas.

  1. Plant

There is nothing more beautiful, confident, significant and environmentally friendly than a potted plant to be given as a gift in a new home. It is a symbol of a new life and can represent your wish to see the house as well as the inmates flourish well and stay evergreen. A plant not only heightens the aesthetic value of a home but also takes care of the air quality. No matter how much you depend on air purifiers, plants act as the best natural air purifier and promote well living. You can either go for small, vibrant flowering plants like bougainvillaea bonsais, poppies or lilies or opt for an indoor money plant with ornamental leaves.


  1. Vase

To heighten the aesthetic beauty of homes, decorative vessels are the best addition that you can make. Gift your hosts a beautifully carved or painting vase that they can use to keep flowers or as a decorative centrepiece or corner piece. You can go for gradient glass vases in two colours or glass painted vases that have a subtle touch of vibrancy. You may also pick up classic and traditional intricately carved or painted vases that have a sure shot appeal because of their beauty. This is undoubtedly a gift to preserve well.

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  1. Crockery

If you are keen on gifting kitchenware as a gift for housewarming, it is best to gift some lovely crockery that is useful for years. It can be something as simple as a set of tea cups or coffee mugs or something more elaborate as a tea set or a dinner set. Classy and vintage porcelain tea sets and dinner sets look the best and never run out of fashion. If you wish to be out of the box, you can try experimenting with innovative shapes and patterns. Online gift sites have various range of crockery available in all types and designs. Nowadays these items are available in particular famous movie or TV series themes like Harry Potter or Game of Thrones. Keep an eye on the sale announcements to catch great offers and discounts for significant savings on expensive gifts. You can check DealVoucherz for some exciting deals before shopping.


  1. Wall clock

Add a touch of class to your home with a beautiful wall clock sitting gracefully on the wall. If you are attending a housewarming party of close friends, you can choose personalized wall clocks with their best photographs to lend a timeless touch to the clock. Other than that, there are hundreds of beautifully crafted wall clocks available all over the internet gift shops. You can get them at unbelievably cheap rates even. Look for vintage clocks or quirky animal shaped ones or ornamental clocks. These designs and patterns of wall clocks are made to change the beauty of the room altogether. Let this be a gift that stands out.

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  1. Lampshade

The right lamp shade in a house can give the entire room a dreamy makeover and make you fall in love with your home all over again. A lampshade is a beautiful piece of home décor that acts as a lovely gift item. Lamp shades are available in a variety of shapes, designs and patterns. Some are monochrome and plain and basic while some are ornamental and intricately designed. Modern ones are drum shape with a subtle colour while the traditional ones are more like chandeliers. They can also be classified based on whether the shades are for table lamps or floor lamps or ceiling lamps. You can either stick to classy designs or try something creative like those with painted silhouettes. You can also go for innovative ones like shades that create a mind-blowing light and shade pattern in the room because of the cut-out shapes made on their body.



  1. Set of fridge magnets

On a close friend’s housewarming party you can also gift a set of fridge magnets with personalized images of memorable incidents of their lives or moments spent with you. These are good for preserving memories while decorating the house at the same time. The boring fridge can get a new life by these fridge magnets that give a lively makeover to the old fridge in a new home. Online gift shops that sell personalized items will happily let you make and purchase all that you need.

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