18 is a big thing. It is not just an age or a number. The 18th birthday of a girl is extraordinary for her as it officially gives her the tag of an adult. With adulthood comes freedom which many teenagers crave for. Now they can officially say, “I am a big girl.” To parents, every birthday of their child is exceptional and brings many memories but the 18th birthday of their princess stands out. If you are perplexed as to what to gift her on her big day, here are some helpful ideas to look out for.

It should be something precious regarding emotions and something that she would remember all her life. Being an adult is not just about freedom but about responsibilities and recognition of right and wrong. As a parent, gift her something that makes her dream significant but stays rooted to the ground.


  1. Heirloom

Other than the occasion of marriage, the 18th birthday of a girl is the best time to gift her heirloom piece. It can be her grandmother’s belongings, vintage furniture or musical instrument, a piece of jewellery being passed down through generations. This is the right age to bestow upon her the responsibility of carrying forward the legacy and understanding the value and worth of the heirloom. It would be the most precious gift she will preserve all her life.

  1. A trip

Experiences are the best gifts you can give to your child. She may have got many tangible gifts all her life, but a memorable trip to any place in her wish list would be not only a dream come true but also an experience to cherish and remember. Plan a trip to the place she dreams to visit and have a beautiful family time there. Those experiences and memories that are created will undoubtedly be the best gift for your daughter. Moreover, celebrating her birthday while on the go will be something new for her.

  1. Phone

You may have restricted her from using phones and other gadgets till she was in high school. But now your big daughter will be a college girl soon. So why not gift her a smartphone with the latest features? She may have been dreaming about it for long and waiting to possess her phone now that she is officially an adult. Gift it to her yourself and make her jump in joy.

  1. Camera

If your girl is interested in photography, a well featured, the expensive camera can be the best gift for her as she steps into adulthood. She can nurture her hobby and follow her passion this way and be ever thankful to you for this. She can also use it to capture the best moments of her life and save them as precious memories.

  1. Musical instrument

If your daughter is a musician, a music lover or is interested in taking up music, it is the best time and occasion to give her the go-ahead sign with a musical instrument as a gift. Know her interests and accordingly gift her a guitar or a violin or any other device she is interested in so that she can take it up and pursue her dreams or hobbies. She will make you proud as a parent with her efforts.

  1. Personalized gifts

Personalized gifts are unique and hold many memories. You can get her picture engraved on wood and add a special engraved birthday wish or a poem written by you to keep as a special memory of her 18th birthday. Engravings have a vintage and precious feel to it and always light up the right moments. There are several other personalized gifts like customized calendars, photo books, fridge magnets and such other items available at every gift store.

  1. Make your gift

There is nothing as high as making your gift for your daughter and that too on her 18th birthday. It means putting together all your love and efforts to give her something really special. Even she would feel loved and individual seeing her parents giving her a handmade gift as it contains their touch and their emotions. An easy example is to turn a scrapbook into a photo album by putting a photograph on each page with a memorable note attached. It can be a chronology of her first picture to her growing up days, first birthday, school days, vacations till her latest picture with memorable anecdotes handwritten. This will not only give her a trip down the memory lane but will also make her feel loved. But the joy here is mutual as you too would merely like all these efforts to gift her something that is equally special for you as well.

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