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“Mommy! Look at me, I am a Ninja. I can fly over the sky and break heavy set walls.” Blood drained out of my body when Sam said that to me one day. You are definitely little worried of the fact that your child is exposed to a number of technological advances and his safety is at stake – especially if you are a Mother of a boy.  Being a mother comes with its set of fears and responsibilities of nurturing every thought of your little babies.

However as per therapists, gaming and technology can have its positive effects also. It makes brain sharper and alert and strengthens his reflexes. It depends on how you program your child’s brain towards the exposure he gets. Communication is the key for good parenting. So talking to the children and making them aware about the consequences of the actions they would take helps.


I had ordered some geeky Star Trek and Big Bang Theory video games for my son and made sure that I play with him the first few games so that he knows his Mommy is with him. I wanted him to know that anything that he does would have an adverse effect on everyone around him especially his loved ones. I thank God and it’s my luck as my son has been very thoughtful right from 2 years of age and thus it wasn’t very tough for me to discipline him. But no matter how thoughtful children are, at an age where anxiety and depression have become common illnesses among all age groups, it is very important to make sure you know what your kid is doing. However one cannot be over protective. But just knowing your child definitely helps.

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