Fitness tips for New Year



2017 is just knocking on the door and you must be all geared up to welcome it with open arms. Winter is officially the party season and too much of cakes and wines can lead to an increasing waistline. Usually by the end of the year we give up on most of the fitness pledges taken in the beginning of the year. To get back in shape right from the beginning of the New Year you need to follow some fitness tips and take some fitness resolutions.

Fitness tips for New Year

  • Choose a fitness regime- Your new year should start with a proper fitness regime. You can either start training in a gym under an instructor or start working out at home for certain hours a week. If you are starting these for the first time or after a long gap, start with light exercises at first and set attainable goals to motivate yourself. Do not aim too high at first because you may soon get frustrated and give up. Even simple running on the treadmill or light cardio exercises are enough to keep you fit and healthy throughout the year.
  • Have control on temptations- If you are eternally in love with food and have very less control on your temptations, it is time that you start having some self-control. It is not wrong to be a foodie but that calls for proper exercise too in order to burn the calories. Moreover, eat whatever you like but in limited quantities. You do not have to entirely give up on all the good foods in life in order to stay fit. Eating everything in limited quantities is the perfect way to have a balanced life. If you can gain this much on control on your eating habits and couple it up with regular exercise, you can lead a healthy life without having any guilt trip after a sumptuous meal.
  • Pick up an activity- To stay fit round the year you can pick up any activity that would help you to burn the calories and increase the blood circulation and oxygen levels of your body. Activities like swimming, kickboxing, jogging, cycling and such others are some of the activities that you can indulge in post office hours. Find out some time in between work to get your body involved in some rigorous activity and see how your Fitness and energy start increasing at the same time. Enrolling for dance classes is also a great idea.
  • Find a partner- If exercising or doing some activity alone sounds boring find a friend who can be a partner for all these activities. Start meeting up and going for classes together, push the boundaries and challenge each other to set the goals higher. Motivate yourself by fit people and inspire others in return and live a fit and healthy year.
  • Start healthy habits- New Year also calls for new habits. Get rid of bad habits and start embracing little healthy habits in your daily life. Little things can do great wonders if you follow them religiously. You do not need to spend strenuous hours in the gym to attain a fit body all the time. Simple exercise and simple good habits can help you attain a slim waist and a toned figure within a few months. Start the day with a glass of honey mixed in lukewarm lemon water. Ditch the sugar in your beverages and start sipping on green tea instead. Try to use less oil and spice in your food and include more of baked and steamed items in your meals instead of fried food. Last, but not the least, take the stairs instead of the elevator every time even if you have to pull yourself to do so. It is a very good habit that helps you to be fit. This should definitely be one of your New Year resolutions.
  • Stay determined- At the end of all the tips, the most important tip for everyone is that you must stick by all your fitness resolutions at all cost. Most people take fitness pledges and give up on them by the month of March. If you vow to stay fit throughout the year you must not give up so easily. Stay determined at all costs to adhere by the good habits you have started inculcating in your daily life and attend your activity classes regularly without skipping them for weeks. A disciplined life and determination should be on top of your fitness resolutions in order to fulfill the rest of them in the list.
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