Earlier, cuffs were seen as a sign of formal gatherings. Still now, most of the times, you will see that people use cuffs as an accessory for formal occasions. Many people find it tough to wear a cuff properly. We sometimes feel confused about, when and where we need to use them.

However, let me assure you, cuffs are more than what you can think. It has significance in the field of fashion. So, here is a guide about how to use a cuff and when to use it. Have patience, do some shopping from Dealvoucherz and read on:


  1. What are cufflinks?

In simple words, they are the tools used to close the shirt cuffs. Mainly, they are the alternatives to the buttons, already sewed in your shirt to close the cuff. But unlike buttons, they come in various colours, shapes and size; and comes separately. To add a little more contrast to your shirt, cufflinks are considered to be an essential tool. Instead, cufflinks hold an ornamental significance and enhance the formal quotient of your shirt.

  1. How does a cufflink work?

The work function of a cufflink is very easy. A cufflink closes buttonholes by sliding through those on either side of the cuff opening, and then you can toggle it to locked or fixed position to hold the side together.

  1. What are the types of cufflink?

As discussed before, the cufflinks are of many shapes, sizes and colours. There are many variations of a cufflink, both thematically and mechanically.

So here, I am going to discuss some of the conventional types of cufflinks:

Whaleback cufflinks

It is the most common cufflink that you will find in the market. By the name, you just got an idea that it consists a ‘whale tail’ which you can flip completely flat against the post. Their large post and closing mechanism make them the most ‘easy-to-use’ cufflink.

Bullet back cufflinks

Almost as same as whale back cufflink, the post of the cufflink is a hollow frame. The closing mechanism of this cufflink is a cylindrical structure that looks like a ‘bullet’, which settles inside the frame. The cylinders are flipped outwards to lock the links in place, leaving the frame in the position of the post.

Stud or button type cufflinks

These kinds of cufflinks are devoid of the hinge mechanism. They have a large head, a smaller interior backing or head and a straight post. The smaller head is tilted, which slides through the button hole and then to lock it in one place, it is straightened. And for this feature, it is a very secure and durable one.

Chain Link Cufflinks

With two heads connected with a chain, this cufflink offers a comparatively looser fastening than the other ones. But, the uniqueness of this cufflink is undeniable as you will find decoratio0n in both sides of the buttonhole.

Ball return cufflinks

Ball return cufflinks are a bit sophisticated cufflink with a curved post that has a small ball located opposite to the big, decorative big ball. They also provide us with a loose fastening, perhaps more than the chain link cufflink. Price of this cufflink depends on the value of the metal, used to create. The size and weight of the metal also decide the expense of this cufflink.

Knot Cufflinks

Knot cufflinks share the same mechanism as the Chainlink cufflinks. With two heads united by a short and flexible length, they are made up of soft materials, preferably silk rather than metals. The decorative heads of the cufflink are made up of several colours, making it a more casual style.

How to fasten a cuff with a cufflink?

Now, to use a cufflink is an essential part of this topic. Using a cufflink is effortless. All you have to do is to line up your cuff like they are kissing and insert the post through the holes. Then, set your link in the fixed or lock position to fasten your cuff.

When to wear a cufflink?

Well, it has been observed that cufflinks are mostly worn in the times of formal gatherings. But, according to fashion experts, cufflinks can also be used in casual encounters. To make your official shirt more vibrant, all you have to do is to go to a tailor ask him to remove the ‘button-place’ of your shirt with a cuff or a buttonhole and by doing this, you can easily flaunt your stylish cufflinks in casual gatherings also.

One of the very few ornaments that men wear, cufflinks can never be out of style. They have all the necessary qualities like the style, shapes and colours to make it a regular member of your wardrobe. So, have a look at the above article and choose your cufflink wisely.

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