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It is not a surprise anymore that “books” are no more a favorite among kids, especially teenagers; owing to the introduction of smart phones and a whole range of exciting gadgets for them to spend their free time. However, the advantages of reading can never be wiped out. Starting from increasing one’s knowledge, to brushing up his vocabulary; reading can work wonders for enhancing one’s personality! Teenage is a crucial phase in a human’s life, and books can definitely help to shape his character at such a vulnerable stage. Some books can even change a person’s perception of the way he views life or the people around him.

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Here’s a list of the top books that are a ‘must’ for the teenagers to read.

  • Harry Potter Series: J.K. Rowling has penned down a row of books revolving around the main character Harry Potter and his magical adventure in Hogwarts, along with his best friends Ron and Hermione. It is not just Harry’s journey. It is an emotion that fans have so well connected to Harry, that only the movies on screen aren’t enough to know more about his story. Most teenagers have agreed that HP series is something they haven’t missed reading and re-reading.
  • And I darken: A princess isn’t expected to be cruel. But Kiersten White says Lada Dragwlya likes just that. Her younger brother Radu and she had been banished from their homeland of Wallachia, and their father had also abandoned them. Both of them were brought up in the Ottoman Courts where Lada discovered brutality is the means to survive. Lada hates the ottomans and consistently plans to take revenge and desperately wants to return to her homeland in order to claim what’s hers (her birthright). Radu wants to be in a place which is protected. He befriends Mehmed who is the Sultan’s son. The three form a poisonous triangle that shifts their bonds of love, loyalty and trust.
  • Fangirl: Written by Rainbow Rowell, Fangirl is all about the way a girl feels dejected, has problems to fit in, copes with changes in life, handles things that worries her and more! It is a must read for the girl who is ready to step into college.
  • The Lie Tree: An exceptionally well written book by Frances Hardinge, The Lie Tree is something that teenagers will undoubtedly love to read. No one knows what led to the mysterious death of Faith’s father, and while she hunts for clues, she comes across a strange tree. This tree flourishes and bears sweet fruits only when you whisper lies to it. When you consume the fruit, you’d come to know a hidden truth. The girl starts believing the tree is the ultimate key to solve her dad’s murder mystery. Read it to find out what happens next!
  • Ask the Passengers: Are you a girl who questions her own sexuality? Ah! This book is a must read for you. Beautifully written by A.S. King, this book puts to rest the anxiety of a girl who isn’t really sure of her sexuality, and also shows the journey of Astrid Jones who goes through such a confusion, but finds no one to confide in.
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky writes about Charlie who is in the freshman year of high school in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and is an introverted teenager. Charlie finds it hard to cope with the suicide of his close friend, Michael, and on joining school he finds a friend and mentor in Bill, his English teacher. Sadly, a family secret which was subdued by Charlie throughout his life, comes out in open in the last year of school. Because of this, he faces a mental breakdown and is taken to the hospital. Finally, we see how Charlie changes his approach towards life and tries to stop being a ‘wallflower’.
  • My Sister’s Keeper: Jodi Picoult writes a tremendously emotional story about a girl called Anna whose sister suffers from cancer, and it shows what she does to help her sister live. It is a mature story meant for older teens, and is sure to touch the chords of your heart. Just beautiful!
  • Stargirl: Authored by Jerry Spinelli this book tells you about how important it is to be yourself! Though the book doesn’t contain too many pages, but it very well connects with our emotions and explains why it is important to put ourselves first, and the world second! A must for all the teenagers to believe in, eh?
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