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May it be a sunny side up or a gloomy gray dusk, swirling autumn trees or cold, freezing Christmas, every scenery is picture-perfect in London. That’s the strong suit of London, it makes “ordinary” look “extraordinary”. Vacations in London can be a little stressful with toddlers as calm and peaceful tourist destinations are certainly not what kids prefer. To make your vacations as memorable with your fun-loving toddlers, here are a few tourist spots in London that will make you fall in love with the city even more.
1. London Zoo – Caring for animals is a virtue every kid should be taught and what better place that a zoo to do so. Seeing your kids’ pupils dilate with excitement and jaw drop at the sight of unique creatures, is a joy every parent deserves to experience. The London Zoo has a plethora of animals from the boisterous lions (Land of the Lions) to the fearless tigers (Tiger Territory. Who wouldn’t be amazed to watch six gorillas (Gorilla Kingdom) enjoy their indoor gym? To witness the wild wildlife, remember to visit “Into Africa”. I assure you that the zebras, okapi, warthogs, giraffes, African wild dogs, and hippopotamus will leave you amazed. The zoo’s aquarium is a home to seahorses, piranhas, butterfly fish, catfish, and several other aquatic species. “Nightlife” is a room for the nocturnal animals. The Snowdon Aviary is an almost weightless shelter for majestic birds. The zoo also lists several shows every day where you can catch a glimpse of penguins, birds, tigers and much more.
To name a few:
a. Lunch with the Otters
b. Megabugs Live
c. Penguins by the beach
d. Going Underground
e. Land of the Giants

gorilla monkey zoo

2. Land and Water – This experience will be as different and out of the box as I name it. Being in London and not paying a visit to River Thames is never appreciated. Rivers seem serene except for the ways, again not a toddler’s cup of tea. How about taking a high-speed ride on the river and witnessing the marvelous sunset in scenic London? If you are visiting the Thames in September, do not forget to attend “Totally Thames Festival” which is a bag full of entertainment throughout the month. As land and water go hand in hand, taking an open bus ride in the amazingly lit London in the evening will be the perfect cherry on the cake. It’s a breath-taking panoramic view of London lit up against the night sky covering numerous attractions. You can be a part of this 1 hour and 45 minutes (approximately) journey by taking London By Night open bus ride. Famously said it makes you encounter a journey from “1000-year-old Tower of London to the 21st century London Eye.” Passing under the lit up “Tower Bridge” is a dream come true for every tourist in London.

river thames

3. Touch The Sky – “London Eye” or “The Shard” is a dilemma everyone goes through. Well, I would choose both. Toddlers love adventures and a stunning view of the city from a height can leave everyone awestruck. Ferris wheel is everyone’s childhood favorite and tall tower made of glass exists in everyone’s dreamland. So rather than having to choose from both, visiting both seems a great option.

4. London Transport Museum – giving you the vintage vibe the London Transport Museum displays the travel journey of vehicles from horse driven buses to the motor buses. It has trams, steam locomotives, tube trains and the famous red double-deck buses of London in the display. Toddlers can experience the vintage centuries in the modern decade and be engrossed in the variety of vehicles.

5. Picnic Day – It is never too late to plan a picnic in Hyde Park. This lush green space provides a lot of free and fresh areas for the toddlers to vent out their energies and the parents to experience a relaxing day. You can soak in the Serpentine Lake, take a horse-riding session and even rent bicycles for a ride around the park along with your kids. If you are visiting London for Christmas, you can’t afford to miss “The Winter Wonderland” in Hyde Park. At this time of the year, the park is transformed into an adventure zone which looks beautiful with snow.

6. Buckingham Palace – Last but not the least is the Buckingham Palace. Toddlers can have a fun time experiencing the loyalty and witnessing “Changing of the Guard “ceremony.

These tourist destinations will be suitable and memorable for both the elders and the toddlers. Hopefully, they will make you fall in love with London all over again.

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